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OBD ISO 15031

Data analysis for diagnostic applications using OBD

OBD ISO 15031The ISO 15031 is used to read out emissions-relevant information in accordance with OBD (On Board Diagnostics) legislation.

Particularly current and stored data, error information and (on-board) test results are read out.

The OBD in its various versions has been obligatory for cars for many years now and is currently being introduced for trucks.

Softing experience

Softing has extensive experience in the OBD sector - the CARB norm, the predecessor of OBD, was implemented as early as 1995. Since then, we have had current versions available in our DTS tool. We have also carried out a number of OBD tests for OEMs and adapted test automations to correspond to specifications.   


Softing DTS (Diagnostic Tool Set)Implementation of OBD available (DTS Monaco, DTS COS
Customized solutionsNumerous customized implementations of test systems

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