Pole-Position with the Telematics Gateway xTCU

In combination with Memotec´s measurement technology – comprehensive information everywhere in real time

In racing, it is often just tiny details that make the difference between victory and defeat. In addition to the driver’s skill, it also depends on the racing team having the appropriate expertise.

The solution is a combination of the xTCU telematics gateway​​​ and Memotec’s measurement technology, which collects corresponding vehicle data for regulation monitoring (Balance of Performance, BoP). The xTCU transmits a range of live data from vehicle operation, such as position and acceleration, and also accesses the vehicle data via a CAN interface. Always connected with the strongest provider, all data is available on the 4G mobile communications standard (5G is prepared) for advanced telematic tasks, such as data collection, transmission, evaluation and further processing in the cloud.

The handy, robust xTCU is suitable for use in test drives and trials, not least thanks to its simple and fast installation. The xTCU is simple to configure “over the air” (OTA). The Internet interface allows secure, real-time access to all data from anywhere in the world. And all you need for that is a smartphone or a tablet.