VIN|ING 2000 Diagnostic Interface

Powerful VCI for Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

VIN|ING 2000 is a further powerful VCI for the VIN|ING product family. With a compact design and WLAN, LAN and USB as interfaces to the host system as well as CAN/FD, K-Line and Ethernet to the vehicle, VIN|ING 2000 is particularly well suited for future-proof manufacturing and after-sales service applications.

Areas of Application

  • Mobile applications in engineering, development, testing, manufacturing and after-sales service
  • Fast and reliable ECU programming
  • Diagnostic tests and data logging in road tests
  • Future-proof diagnostic solutions with DoIP (Diagnostics over IP)


  • Reliable time to data preprocessing and protocol handling in the interface
  • Compact design with integrated diagnostic connector
  • Maximum WLAN security thanks to enterprise authentication with certificates
  • Flexible USB and LAN cable with magnetic fastening
  • Option for remote applications with integration of an MVCI diagnostic server


Mobile Use in Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

The WiFi interface of the VIN|ING 2000 is equipped with two separate communication channels and with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h/n supports the 2.4 and 5 GHz band. Current encryption technologies such as WPA2/PSK and WPA2/RADIUS as well as high-performance roaming characteristics are the prerequisite for use on the production line or in after-sales service. Furthermore the device has various Sleep/WakeUp modes and programmable function keys for interaction in diagnostic sequences. When communicating with the host PC over USB or LAN, the Mag-Code connection is a predetermined breaking point, which separates the cable connection in the case of a considerable mechanical load.

Remote Applications with MVCI Server

Thanks to significant modifications of its predecessor the HSC, VIN|ING 2000 is equipped for innovative and contemporary application scenarios.High-density integrated components and a modular software architecture make it possible to run an MVCI Server on the VCI and process the stored ODX data. This makes it possible for a tester system to access vehicles remotely in a whole range of mobile applications.

Standalone Use

With OTX sequences being run on VIN|ING 2000, entire diagnostic tasks can be processed independently without a connection to a host system. This makes it possible to realize applications, such as independent programming solutions, actuator diagnostics and other control tasks, simply and at an affordable price.

MVCI D-Server on the host system

MVCI D-Server on the VIN|ING 2000


Technical Information

Technical Data  
Housing Polyamide housing, approx. 135 x 50 x 25 mm
Power supply 7 ... 32 V via vehicle diagnostic connector
Current consumption Typically 300 mA at 12 V, depending on the operating mode
Microcontroller 1 GHz ARM Cortex CPU with Realtime Co-Processor
PC interface USB     V2.0 high-speed, 480 Mbit/s via optional USB cable
LAN     100 MBit/s via optional LAN cable
WLAN  IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/h (2.4 and 5 GHz), 300 MBit/s (Infrastructure and Access-Point)
            Highest WLAN security due to enterprise authentication with certificate handling
Vehicle interface Integrated diagnostic connector acc. to ISO 15031-3
CAN CAN channels for CAN FD with high-speed in acc. with ISO 11898-2
ISO 9141-2 2 K-Line channels for 12V and 24V vehicle systems; one K-Line usable as L-Line;
Baud rate max. 250 kBaud (depending on the protocol and bus physics)
Ethernet/DoIP Ethernet 100Base-TX and Ethernet Activation Line according to ISO 13400-3
Digital inputs Ignition (KL 15)
Two capacitive buttons, movement detector (use depends on the operating software)
Status indicators 2 RGB light diodes for optical signaling (programmable, use depends on the operating software)
Acoustic signaling (programmable, use depends on the operating software)
Power management Configurable stand-by mode <1mA (use depends on the operating software)
Wake-up on: CAN, KL 15 and motion sensor
Temperature range Operation: -20 ... +50°C, storage: -20 ... +85 °C
Protection rating Dust and splash water protection in accordance with IP52
EMC conformity Compliant with RED Directive 2014/53/EU and FCC Part 15 Subpart B
Radio permits Countries of the EU, Iceland, Canary Islands, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Turkey, Japan, USA
In preparation: Australia, Brasilia, China, Hong Kong, India, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore,
South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
Other countries on request
Software interfaces D-PDU API according to ISO 22900-2 for Windows and Android (Linux and iOS on request),
supported protocols:
- UDS on CAN
- UDS on IP (DoIP)
- KWP2000 on K-Line (on request)
PassThru API according to SAE J2534-1 for Windows, supported protocols:
- Diag on CAN
- KWP2000 on K-Line (on request)

Order Information

Order Numbers  
VI-BA-2100 VIN|ING 2000 Multibus Interface with WLAN/LAN/USB and integrated diagnostic connector (ISO 15031-3)
2 x CAN / CAN FD with high-speed bus physics
2 x K/L-Line ISO 9141(-2)
Ethernet for DoIP
Incl. D-PDU API software according to ISO 22900-2 for UDS on CAN and UDS on IP
ZB-KA-1010 MagCode Adapter with USB cable for VIN|ING 2000
ZB-KA-1020 MagCode Adapter with Ethernet cable for VIN|ING 2000
Supplementary Products and Services

Softing SDE

The Smart Diagnostic Engine as a platform-independent runtime system for diagnostic functions, sequences and services throughout the entire lifecycle.

Softing DTS

The Diagnostic Tool Set enables the creation of consistent diagnostic functions and sequences based on international standards.

Softing TDX

The flexible solution for diagnostics and flash programming in mobile or stationary use.

Softing VCF

The Vehicle Communication Framework as powerful middleware for all applications in vehicle communication.

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