New Sponsor of the Panther Indersdorf Handball Team

Softing Automotive supports young handball talents of the Panther Indersdorf!

Team spirit, dynamism, commitment - we at Softing Automotive share a passion for fair team sport. We are therefore very proud to be a new sponsor of the Panther Indersdorf  youth handball team from the 2023/2024 season.

We are providing the talented players of the E- and C-youth with new playing equipment and thus creating optimal conditions for sporting success and the promotion of young talent!

The Panther Indersdorf handball team is characterised by a diverse age structure that provides an excellent platform for the development of young and experienced players. With our commitment, we would like to support this basis and make a significant contribution to the promotion of young talent. We have created a special design for the warm-up shirts for the C youth team and are equipping the E youth team with new jerseys for match days.

We believe in the values of fair play and the importance of teamwork, both in sport and in professional life. It is therefore an honour for us to go down this path together with TSV Indersdorf  and to see how the young athletes develop.
We look forward to supporting the Panther Indersdorf players in this and the coming seasons and are excited about the many successes and experiences they will gain. We wish all TSV Indersdorf teams a successful season with many exciting games and great moments.

Find out more about our sponsoring program and the social commitment of Softing Automotive: Sponsoring Program

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