Caution: High Voltage!

Nowadays, the development of vehicle components and their integration into the vehicle are hardly conceivable without high-voltage technology. The demands made on the electronic testing and verification systems used for this purpose are extremely high and diverse – particularly in the case of electric and hybrid vehicles. Here, safe measurement, testing, verification and application in the high-voltage range are just as important as knowing how to handle complex ECUs or use transparent and reproducible test procedures. Ideally, the tests and checks run automatically with processes and test results recorded accordingly for the necessary proof and certification. This also requires suitable simulations and HV-compatible accessories. 

You can read more about occupational safety in high-voltage through highly reliable test and inspection systems in our technical article "Caution: High Voltage!" by Armin Baumann (Managing Director, Softing Automotive), published in the magazine VEK OEM&Lieferant 2/2021.

Main Topics in the technical article "Caution: High Voltage!"

  • Compliance with the highest safety standards for high-voltage accesoires
  • Verification and proof of correct system reactions during testing
  • HV charge switches as well as highly reliable supply and test systems

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