Softing DTS.monaco – Introductory Training Session

Using the engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco, based on predefined projects and workspaces.


Using exercises in a simulation environment, you will get to to know the basic diagnostic functions, operations and configuration of the engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco.

Key Topics

  • Getting to know system settings
  • Creating projects
  • Vehicle Quick Test
  • Reading out and clearing the error memory (DTC)
  • ECU identification
  • Flash programming of ECUs
  • ECU coding (variant coding)
  • Displaying, saving and evaluating measurement values using diagnostic services
  • Setting and evaluating actuators
  • Transmitting diagnostic services to an ECU
  • Displaying and saving bus monitor for DoIP


First experiences in vehicle diagnostics (Basics of Vehicle Diagnostics)




On-site training with hands-on exercises: 1 day
Web-based training: 2 half days


Training Dates  

Softing DTS.monaco Introductory Training (WEB) – Part 1

Softing DTS.monaco Introductory Training (WEB) – Part 2

On Request

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