Next Generation Vehicle Test & Flash | Visit us at ELIV 2023

The transition to software-defined vehicles not only impacts development and production, but also enables completely new forms of collaboration as well as future-proof business models. However, this development poses major challenges for the automotive industry in all areas. 

While development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, software complexity as well as the frequency of software updates over the entire vehicle lifecycle is increasing sharply. Enormous software package sizes of 1 GB and more will become increasingly difficult to handle in the future. Software integrations are increasing accordingly in terms of frequency and complexity. In parallel with the continuous improvement of performance across all processes, ensuring security through redundant systems and fail-safe mechanisms is a top priority. And aftersales also needs to adapt to the increased complexity of software architecture as well as repair processes.

To successfully master the transition to the software-defined vehicle and ensure safety and performance in the increasingly digital vehicle world, Softing Automotive has developed innovative solution for next-generation flash and test applications. While current tools on the market quickly reach performance limits, Softing's High Performance Vehicle Communication Unit is a novel technology that enables data transfer rates of 10 Gbit/s. The advantages and possible applications of this high-performance solution in the transformation to a software-defined vehicle are gigantic! 

Meet us at the ELIV Congress 2023 in Bonn, Germany | October 18 and 19, 2023

Let's talk about this important and exciting topic at this year's ELIV Congress in Bonn. Meet us on October 19 during the coffee break (11:00 – 11:45 am) as well as lunch break (1:30 – 2:30 pm) on the entrance level in front of the "Wien" room of the World Conference Center. There, Managing Director Oliver Fieth will present Softing's High Performance Vehicle Communication Unit. Afterwards, we look forward to entering into a dialog with you. 

Decision makers, experts and industry leaders from all over the world meet at the ELIV Congress. This is where vehicle manufacturers and suppliers exchange ideas and gather early information on innovations, developments and problems in automotive electronics. But it is not just about reporting, it is also about setting trends and creating essential bases for decision-making in the automotive industry.