Diagnostic Interface VIN|ING 800

Flexible and Rugged CAN & CAN-FD Interface for all Areas of Application

VIN|ING 800 unites state-of-the-art hardware design for CAN FD, maximum sturdiness through all-round impact protection and an attractive price. For many service applications requiring just one CAN interface, this device is the perfect choice as it provides a lean and at the same time powerful interface from the application to the vehicle.VIN|ING 800 can also be used to solve communication tasks quickly and easily in the development of vehicle systems.

Areas of Application

  • Universal communication via USB to Classic CAN or CAN FD
  • Simple implementation of communication tasks in the development of vehicle systems
  • Applications in the After-Sales Service environment


  • High-performance CAN communication via microcontroller on the device
  • Simple handling with USB and D-SUB in compliance with CiA
  • Handy, ruggedized housing
  • Safety due to galvanic isolation between USB and CAN bus
  • Inexpensive solution



The VCI has a CAN Layer 2 API as a programming interface and offers powerful communication mechanisms for lots of CAN applications. Local buffering and preprocessing on the VCI result in high performance and a reduction of time-critical tasks for the PC.


The standardized programming interface provides applications with powerful multi-channel communication mechanisms with vehicle protocols, such as Diagnostics on CAN (ISO 15765) and UDS (ISO 14229). It also allows integration into diagnostic systems in accordance with ISO 22900 (MVCI). D-PDU API is also available as an option.


If your application requires more than one CAN bus at any time, the number of communication channels available at the PC can quickly be increased. This takes place by combining the existing CAN interface with further VCIs from Softing.


Combining the VIN|ING 800 with appropriate API software enables compact solutions for all kinds of communication applications. The CAN API thus supports reliable CAN communication on Layer 2 in a simple way. The optional D-PDU API software makes communication channels with higher diagnostic protocols available to applications via the standardized API and thus relieves the application of standard tasks.

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Technical Information

Technical Data  
Housing Approx. 38 x 128 x 26 mm
Power supply 5V (via USB interface)
Current sonumption Typ. 250 mA
PC interface USB V2.0, standard USB Type A connector
Vehicle interface 9-pin D-SUB connector
1 CAN channel for CAN FD with high speed in compliance with ISO 11898-2
Galvanic isolation for 5000 VAC rms, 60 sec.
Status display 2 RGB light emitting diode arrays
Cable length USB 1.0 m and CAN 0.3 m
Temperature range Operation and storage: -40 ... +85 °C
Rating Dust and splash water protection housing IP67
Software interface CAN Layer 2 API from Kvaser (not 100% compatible with Softing CAN L2 API) 
License for D-PDU API from Softing when using with a Softing DTS or OTX product

Order Information

Order Numbers  
VI-BA-800 VIN|ING 800, ruggedized CAN-USB interface for Classic CAN and CAN FD with 1 x CAN high-speed at D-SUB9 connectors; incl. permanently connected USB cable and CAN Layer 2 API
VI-BA-800-OBD (on request) VIN|ING 800 with OBd connector instead of D-SUB
Supplementary Products, Accesssoires and Services
KAB08-DSUB9-J1992 Connecting cable from D-SUB9 connector to diagnostic connector (SAE J1962 / ISO 15031-3), approx. 2 m
CAN-TERM CAN bus termination resistor 120 Ohm for D-SUB9 connector
PDUAPI-EC D-PDU API software license (ISO 22900-2) for use without DTS or OTX products for CAN and PassThru interfaces (SAE J2534) as well as for DoIP (ISO 13400) without VCI
Softing SDE The Smart Diagnostic Engine as a platform-independent runtime system for diagnostic functions, sequences and services over the entire life cycle
Softing DTS The Diagnostic Tool Set makes it possible to create consistent diagnostic functions and sequences on the basis of international standards
Softing TDX The flexible solution for diagnostics and flash programming in mobile or stationary use


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