SAE J1979-2: OBD goes UDS – Future Legislation, Diagnostics and Testing

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Systems for monitoring emissions have been mandatory in almost all vehicles for decades. The pioneer was the US government commission California Air Resource Board (CARB). As early as 1996, CARB established requirements for the detection and indication of emissions-related malfunctions in vehicles. The requirements for emissions-related diagnostics are laid down in the regulations on on-board diagnostics (OBD), now known as OBD II, and specified in the SAE J1979 standard for the USA and in the ISO 15031 standard for Europe. Particularly for vehicle registration, manufacturers are required to comply with strict exhaust emission limits. External test devices, also known as OBD scan tools, are used to retrieve the emissions-relevant information via diagnostic service requests. All emission-relevant control units must have a corresponding diagnostic function. In April 2021, SAE International published the Recommended Practice SAE J1979-2 (OBDonUDS). This standard is the successor to SAE J1979 and describes the communication between the OBD system and a scan tool based on the services standardized in ISO 14229 as Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS). Find out how the latest CAN technology enhancements support UDS, what SAE J1979-2 regulations mean in practice for diagnostic tests, and how OEMs and Tier 1s can benefit. This webinar also provides an introduction to the pairing of Kvaser’s U100 (available from Softing under the designation VIN|ING 800) interface with Softing TDX diagnostic test development suite for servicing road vehicles and mobile machinery. The latter includes protocol templates for UDS that once developed, can be reused. Softing Automotive supports the SAE J1979-2 diagnostic protocol with the entire tool chain.


  • The introduction and practical relevance of the SAE J1979-2 standard for OBD.
  • Support of UDS by the latest CAN technology enhancements.
  • Combination of the Kvaser U100 interface with the Softing TDX suite for vehicle maintenance.


December 7, 2023
(Recording available below)

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Peter Subke

Business Development Manager
Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH


Julian Mayer

Product Manager
Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH

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