Efficient Test Preparation through Diagnostic Simulation


Discover the potential of modern vehicle diagnostics in our webinar "Efficient Test Preparation through Diagnostic Simulation". Our experts will show you how the simulation of vehicles or ECUs optimizes the test process by generating simulation files. 

Learn how to eliminate sources of error in test routines or test setups – such as the VCI or wiring – to get reliable test results quickly. Complete test coverage is possible, which includes complex communication mechanisms and effectively minimizes time losses. In addition, the use of the ODX standard (ISO 22901-1) in the simulation ensures that all relevant diagnostic services are verified and are available in executable form.

The webinar will also provide a brief overview of other use cases such as regression testing where trace import is applied, or the use in training facilities.

Finally, we will show you how simulation simplifies troubleshooting and speeds up the entire test process by integrating it into automation.


  • Test setup debugging has a massive impact on overall efficiency
  • Diagnostic simulation enables verification of the test system without the Device under Test (DUT)
  • Case-based generation options, e.g. directly based on ODX specification, enable fast and reliable creation of the simulation.


Thursday, June 27
(Recording available below)


Webinar Recording


Softing TCS

Fully-featured configurable simulation of ECU diagnostics.



Ingo Drüen

Account Manager 
Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH


Dirk Pawels

Product Owner
Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH

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