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New version of TestCASE 4.2

TestCASE is a tool for creating and automating ECU tests. The new version, TestCASE 4.2, has been available since the beginning of March. Interesting new features have been added to the function scope: Version 4.2 is now completely available in both English and German.

Neue Version TestCASE 4.2

An ODX test case generator enables you to generate test cases directly from diagnostic data. It is now also possible to parameterize typical service dependencies such as session association, security level and suppressed responses. Negative tests can also be generated to which the ECU must react correctly.

UDS test cases are now also available as a test suite. These are used to check ECUs for their UDS conformity.

The widely-used version control system Subversion has now been integrated and can be addressed directly using a shortcut menu. This facilitates convenient test case version administration.

Other new features include LabVIEW integration and the TestBOX in TestCASE. This ensures that existing LabVIEW programs can continue to be used seamlessly. The TestBOX contains eight high-current-capable relays and a 12-Volt power supply in sturdy lab housing.

TestCASE 4.2 is particularly used in conjunction with HIL, diagnostic and functional test benches.

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