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Just three clicks and the script is running: Softing's OTX Studio with compelling operating functions

The new version of OTX Studio offers an even more simplified operating concept for various user groups (Expert/Comfort Mode) and predefined drag & drop libraries. OTX sequences can now be generated automatically from ECU communication sequences and extended immediately.

Just three clicks and the script is running: Softing's OTX Studio with compelling operating functions

OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange format) opens up new possibilities for creating and exchanging test sequences in vehicle diagnostics. To fully use the potential of the ISO standard, editor tools must meet a number of requirements depending on the field of application. OTX Studio from Softing has just the right operating concepts for the entire range of users, whether diagnostic specialists, testing specialists, test engineers or repair shop technicians.    

OTX Studio supports the user in the specification and implementation of diagnostic test sequences. There is both a graphic draft view as well as the representation for line-based programming. Furthermore, the Comfort Mode also allows diagnostics users to effectively create sequences even if they do not have extensive programming knowledge. They simply make use of predefined libraries that can be integrated into a sequence using drag and drop.  

OTX Studio is based on the Base System of Softing's Diagnostic Tool Set 8. Not only does this provide access to the convenient creation and debug functions, but also makes it possible to select ODX diagnostic services directly from the editor and send them to the connected ECU. An OTX sequence can be generated automatically at the push of a button from the recording of the communication sequence with the ECU. Configuration facilitates sequence extension. An example of this is verifying that target values are being adhered to.  

OTX Studio is a tool for creating, implementing and debugging diagnostic and test sequences (based on the ISO13209 standard). With a special GUI editor, it is easy to generate graphic user interfaces and link them to the sequences created. Diagnostic data is supported in compliance with ODX V2.0.1 and V2.2.0.  

The free demo version as well as more detailed information and the data sheet on OTX Studio can be found at

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