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CAR ASYST – the Mobile System Solution for Vehicle Communication on Smartphones for After-Sales Service and Vehicle Testing

Softing has developed a mobile system solution for fast initial diagnostics and error detection on a smartphone basis. Target groups for this mobile service app are AUDI service partners in the repair shop field as well as engineers working in AUDI's development and testing divisions.

Softing Automotive App CAR ASYST

With CAR ASYST, Softing is presenting an innovative and universal tool for vehicle analysis. As it is used on conventional Android smartphones, users can start working with it whenever they want to wherever they happen to be. CAR ASYST has been optimized for use in the repair shop and can also be implemented in vehicle development and engineering. On its launch, the app will be supporting the latest AUDI models (Q7 and A4).

CAR ASYST consists of the APP and the ADAPTER which establishes the connection between the vehicle and the smartphone via WLAN.

CAR ASYST will mainly be used in the following areas of implementation:

  • Tool for supporting service technicians and repair shops
  • Data logging and fast initial diagnostics
  • Error detection for stationary vehicles as well as vehicles on the road
  • Service & vehicle test on the premises
  • Breakdown service
  • Engineering and vehicle test

CAR ASYST for smartphones will be available from the end of April 2016. The tablet version will be on offer at a later date. For more details take a look at the website

Press Contact

Marion Menacher
Marketing Manager