Validating ECU or Functional Diagnostic Specification with Softing DTS.monaco

During the life cycle of an ECU/vehicle, various diagnostic services and functions specified by the OEM or legislator have to be supported. Softing DTS.monaco can be used for a first step in this partly approval-relevant validation. With the “Diagnostic Service” control (see figure above), it is possible to test the relevant services and responses for their correct implementation in detail in the diagnostic database (ODX 2.0.1 or ODX 2.2).

The tool also offers a special control unit with underlying ISO-compatible database for OBD validation. Here it is possible to reliably test the different modes and functional command groups of the OBD specification. No expert knowledge is necessary for this as the procedure is determined by the user interface. This simplification means that a result can be quickly and efficiently determined with the HiL system or vehicle.

About Softing DTS.monaco

Softing DTS.monaco is used in numerous engineering departments all over the world to take care of diagnostic tasks. The range of ODX and expert application cases extends through ECU release to the commissioning of HiL systems and test benches. The tool is also regularly used for updating and validating vehicles during on-road tests.

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