Automotive Electronics

Softing TDX: ODX- and OTX-Based Diagnostic System Framework

ODX (Open Diagnostic data eX-change) and OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange) standards are very well established description formats for diagnostics in the automotive and related vehicle industries. Especially OTX, which was invented and developed on behalf of OEMs, is now increasingly used in diagnostic systems and applications.

The driver for the standardization of diagnostic description formats is most definitely the exponentially growing complexity of modern and technologically advanced vehicles. Modern automobiles, trucks and especially agricultural and civil engineering machines can have up to 100 or even more electronic control units (ECU) on board.

These have to be covered by the functionality of a diagnostic system used by the technician in the service workshop or in the field. The diagnostic systems also play an important role during the vehicle development and validation process as well as in the production and post-production life cycle stages.

Read the entire technical article written by Softing product manager Marjan Hanc. The main topics are:

  • Diagnostic strategies for modern vehicles
  • Functional requirements for a modern diagnostic system
  • Softing TDX - the modular solution for current diagnostic requirements
  • Software architecture of Softing TDX
  • Softing Toolbox
  • Softing TDX.workshop - the individualized diagnostic system solution
  • The role model and protection of proprietary content
  • Maintenance of the diagnostic system in the field