Softing Automotive – New Structure

With its Automotive units, Softing is a reliable partner offering a wide range of services in the areas of diagnostics, measurement and testing. The company is aiming to structure the Automotive portfolio more clearly, optimize the processes relevant for clients and bundle expertise. To this end Softing has initiated a reorganization process in the Automotive segment which takes effect on August 1, 2018.

In the future, the Automotive segment of the Softing Group will comprise two units – one unit will focus on “products”, the other on “customized project solutions”.

New organization structure of Softing Automotive

  • As of the appointed date, Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH (Haar) will take over the portfolio and all units which deal with measurement technology and ECUs from Softing Messen und Testen GmbH (Kirchentellinsfurt).
  • Softing Messen und Testen GmbH (Kirchentellinsfurt) will take over all (project)-activities and units of Softing Project Services GmbH (Haar).
    Furthermore, Softing Messen und Testen GmbH (Kirchentellinsfurt) will be renamed Softing Engineering & Solutions GmbH (Kirchentellinsfurt) on the appointed date.

This means that the two resulting Softing enterprises will be offering our Automotive product and service portfolio from August 1, 2018.

You will continue to be able to reach your current contact partner at the relevant site on the same telephone number with the same e-mail address.

We are looking forward to addressing future challenges with you as an expert and truly reliable partner.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
E-Mail   info.automotive[at]softing[dot]com
Phone    +49 89 45 656 -420