Automotive Electronics

Secure and Convenient Diagnostics in ECU and Vehicle Engineering over DoIP

Softing offers both wireless and wired adapters for secure, convenient diagnostics in ECU and vehicle engineering. Communication with a Device under Test (FMU, HiL, vehicle,..) takes place over the DoIP interface between the application, e.g. the engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco, and the Vehicle Communication Interface

We also offer wired connections using patch cords and individually angled OBD diagnostic connectors on RJ45.

OBD diagnostic connector on RJ45

  • OBD connector (male) with different cable outlets (straight, angled left, angled right)
  • 4 pin occupied (RX +, RX-, TX +, TX-)
  • Ethernet activation via self-healing fuse bridged on switch pin 30
  • RJ45 Ethernet socket 8 pin
  • Length 80mm without cable

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