Globalmatix – new member of the Softing Group

Inexpensive and secure access to data from mobile units is currently one of the key competencies when it comes to penetrating the fastest-growing markets.

The 100% acquisition of Globalmatix AG in the spring of 2018 enables Softing to offer worldwide mobile data communications for vehicles and machinery in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.

Based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Globalmatix is a full provider of MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) services. The company uses its cellular network license to operate its own telecommunications and proactive telematic platform. Agreements with Tier 1 cellular network operators ensure that Globalmatix has access to the best networks worldwide. This mobile data communication is unlocked with the company’s own eSIM (embedded SIM chip).

“Connect the unconnected”

The focus is on global telematic services that provide clients with data from mobile units using telematic control units, TCUs, installed in the vehicle with reliable connectivity in a secure cloud in real time. Typical use cases include connected car services such as in-vehicle access to diagnostic data, global management of mixed fleets for large companies, leasing businesses, car-sharing and insurance companies, anti-theft surveillance, GIS data as well as operational profiles for delivery and service vehicles. With the services Softing will provide in the future, heavy truck manufacturers can offer their customers entirely new business models such as, for example, pay-per-use. The cellular network license also gives Softing access to the forthcoming 5G networks that will be needed for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.