VIN|ING 2000 – The High-Performance Manufacturing Solution

In vehicle manufacturing, very high demands are placed on timing, performance and system stability. For the vehicle communication interface (VCI), this means that the protocol stack for the communication software is executed in real time on the VCI without interruption and that communication with the host PC takes place via a powerful interface. In such cases, extensive on-site tests are essential in terms of signal quality and the availability of radio channels. Special requirements are also made of connection management to ensure and control secure access to a large number of VCIs.

The vehicle communication interface VIN|ING 2000 has been used successfully by a number of OEMs and Tier1 suppliers for several years. Particularly worthy of mention is the fact that it is used as a Band-in-Line solution at various manufacturing sites. Along with conventional bus systems and diagnostic protocols, VIN|ING 2000 supports CAN/FD and DoIP. The wireless connection via WIFI is very advantageous, especially on the production line. The necessary security aspects are covered with enterprise authentication and certificates.

Integration into the IT infrastructure is ensured with fast roaming and transmission characteristics optimized for the particular use case. The intelligent power management is a further prerequisite for use on the production line to stop the vehicle battery from discharging. A motion sensor along with activity on the CAN bus and the change of ignition status are responsible for the VCI waking up. The final quality that makes VIN|ING 2000 a state-of-the-art manufacturing VCI is the vehicle diagnostics that complies with the latest standards and includes high-performance flash programming.

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