Reference Book | Vehicle Diagnostics – Basics, Bus Systems, Protocols, Applications

We congratulate our esteemed colleague Peter Subke on the publication of his third technical book "Vehicle Diagnostics – Fundamentals, Bus Systems, Protocols, Applications." The book supports engineers and technicians from development, testing, production and service at vehicle manufacturers and suppliers who deal with mechatronic systems, their data exchange and diagnostic protocols or services and who are interested in innovations based on networked and intelligent electronic systems. This specialised book is also an excellent source of information for students of electrical engineering, automotive engineering and computer science at universities, technical colleges and vocational schools.



"...a guide for ambitious vehicle experts and generalists who want to tap into the electronic lifelines of cars."

Maik Schmidt, c't Magazine | Heise 2024, Issue 15



Many functions of modern vehicles are not feasible without complex, interconnected electronic control units. These control units are linked via bus systems and exchange information with each other. In addition to on-board communication, there are technologies for the communication of control units with intelligent systems outside the vehicle, such as development tools, OBD scan tools, test bench computers, flash programming stations, and service testers.

The book provides an excellent overview of:

  • the development of vehicle electronics/electrics,
  • the fundamentals of data communication and various bus systems, such as K-Line, CAN/CAN FD/CAN XL, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, and Automotive Ethernet,
  • the standardized diagnostic protocol UDS, and
  • the structure of external communication systems as well as the standardized data format bases ODX and OTX.

With numerous practical examples along the process chain, Peter Subke illustrates the fundamentals and offers insights into software tools for the development and testing of data communication, vehicle identification, testing and flash programming systems in production, workshop testers, and OBD scan tools as well as wireless communication.

Please note that this book is written in German!

Publisher: VDE Verlag, 2024
ISBN 978-3-8007-5481-6 // E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8007-5482-3

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