Optimized Test Preparation with a Diagnostic Simulation

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The challenge in test preparation often depends on the unavailability of the control unit required for the test. Particularly in the field of test, it is important to develop the test methodology at an early stage so that functional tests can be executed as soon as the ECUs are available. Simulation allows test routines and the entire test setup to be verified in the development phase. Once the unit under test (DuT) is available, testing can begin immediately, eliminating the need for time-consuming debugging. Simulation files with built-in diagnostic protocols make it easy to create variants and minimise set-up time.

Discover in our latest Solution Spotlight video how ODX-based diagnostic simulation can optimise your test process, reduce effort and enable accurate fault detection. In a short demo, we show you how to create an ODX-based project with Softing TCS.admin, automatically generate a diagnostic simulation and manually adjust the parameters in the simulation.

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