Online Training Sessions in 2023

An overview of the dates and further information on our online seminars from Softing Automotive for 2023 can be seen here. Compact and modular training seminars with practice-oriented user workshops and profound theoretical knowledge. With our basic and expert seminars, we will support you in your daily challenges. We offer beginners as well as advanced users the handling of our tools in vehicle diagnostics and communication. In addition, our trainers pass on basic and in-depth knowledge of ODX and the ODX data concept as well as OTX and OTX diagnostic sequences.

Training Sessions in 2023 | Overview

Basics of Vehicle Diagnostics (web-based training)

This web-based training is a comprehensive introduction to the most important topics of vehicle diagnostics communication like bus-systems and diagnostic protocols. For beginners, it provides a good basis to get familiarized with the world of vehicle diagnostics.

  • Basics of diagnostic data communication and standards
  • Bus systems for vehicle diagnostics - CAN, CAN-FD and Ethernet
  • Diagnostic protocol - Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS)
  • Diagnostic data description format - Open Diagnostic Data Exchange (ODX)
  • Practical use cases with development tester Softing DTS.monaco
  • Diagnostic sequences based on the Open Test Sequence Exchange Standard (OTX)
  • Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (DoIP)

Requirements: None
Duration: 2 Days (3 hours per day)
Location: Online

ODX Introduction Seminar

This seminar provides first insights into the concept of data driven diagnosis by means of the standardized data exchange format ODX ISO 22901-1 and describes the structure of the data as well as typical applications.

  • Motivation for ODX ISO 22901-1
  • ODX and the diagnostic environment
  • Concept of XML und UML
  • Structure of the  ODX categories
  • Diagnostic services
  • Authoring guidelines
  • ODX Check and Comparison

Requirements: Basics of vehicle diagnosis
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Online

OTX Introduction Seminar

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview about the OTX standard ISO 13209. Even without programming skills, the participant will be able to create first diagnostic scripts and execute them by means of the authoring tool Softing

  • OTX standard ISO 13209
  • Softing
  • OTX Language elements
  • Example scripts
  • Use cases with OTX

Requirements: Basics of vehicle diagnosis
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Online

OTX Expert Seminar

Assuming basic OTX scripting skills, this seminar draws on interesting examples to introduce additional functions of the OTX standard. Furthermore, the application of advanced features of Softing will be explained and put into practice.

  • Advanced OTX use cases
  • OTX Functions of Softing extension
  • Signatures
  • Validities
  • Using the GUI Editor
  • Embedding OTX in Softing DTS.monaco

Requirements: Diagnosis, OTX Basics
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Online

Tool Trainings

Softing DTS.monaco – Introductory Training Session

Using exercises in a simulation environment, you will get to to know the basic diagnostic functions, operations and configuration of the engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco.

  • Getting to know system settings
  • Creating projects
  • Vehicle Quick Test
  • Reading out and clearing the error memory (DTC)
  • ECU identification
  • Flash programming of ECUs
  • ECU coding (variant coding)
  • Displaying, saving and evaluating measurement values using diagnostic services
  • Setting and evaluating actuators
  • Transmitting diagnostic services to an ECU
  • Displaying and saving bus monitor for DoIP

Requirements: First experiences in vehicle diagnostics (Basics of Vehicle Diagnostics)
Duration: 2 Days
Location: Online

Softing DTS.monaco – Advanced Training Session

Using exercises in a simulated environment, the participants get to know the basic configuration and design functions of the engineering tester tool Softing DTS.monaco.

  • Creating a new project
  • Designing new workspaces (user interfaces) from graphic functional modules
  • Getting to know and configuring functional modules e.g. buttons, sequences, reading/clearing errors, flashing, coding, etc.

Requirements: Experience in vehicle diagnostics with Softing DTS.monaco (Softing DTS.monaco (9) – Introductory Training Session
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Online

User-specific Seminars

Whatever the topic, our experienced team of trainers is particularly keen to deliver a diverting combination of theoretical content and practical exercises. If required, we would also be happy to put together a customized workshop perfectly tailored to suit your requirements.

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us by using the training request form or directly per email at info.automotive[at]softing[dot]com.

If required, we would also be happy to put together a customized workshop perfectly tailored to suit your requirements. You can find further information about our training program at


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