New Solution for Efficient Diagnostic Simulation – Softing TCS Now Available

Softing TCS is the new solution for simulating ECUs or entire vehicles

The modern diagnostic simulation Softing TCS is the solution whenever the corresponding counterpart for testing is not yet or no longer available. This is typically the case when validating functionalities in early phases of component and vehicle engineering, conducting tester regression tests or when using in a teaching facility in which many different test objects in a wide range of variants are required for training purposes. The Softing solution consists of simulation hardware, a configuration application and an API for integrating the hardware in test automations.

Creation and verification of test sequences already during ECU and vehicle development

Creating test sequences is often challenging along the entire value chain: There is no counterpart for testing. But particularly in the test environment, it is essential that the test methodology should be developed at an early stage to run function tests as soon as the ECUs or vehicles are available. Softing TCS makes it possible to already create and verify test sequences during ECU and vehicle engineering. The entire communication path, including the vehicle communication interface (VCI) and cabling, is tested to be able to exclude all sources of error at an early stage. 

Tester regression testing without having to stock all available vehicles with different software and ECU variants

The tester software used in the field and which is required for diagnostics and repair in the repair shop and service environment, is provided with new functionality at regular intervals through software updates. All ECUs required for a regression test must be available in entirety and in all variants to be able to ensure sufficient test coverage. As this is usually impossible, a simulation is required. Softing TCS facilitates the tester regression test without having to stock all available vehicles with a wide range of software and ECU variants. In a simulation using Softing TCS, it is easy to select ECUs and ECU variants: All you have to do is exchange simulation files in the unit. You can take care of this manually using the intuitively operable graphic user interface or conveniently in test automation with the automation interface.

Use of simulations instead of real vehicles or ECUs for trainings 

In training and educational facilities – whether at the component or vehicle manufacturer, or for repair shop and service employees – a range of vehicles of different brands and versions are required on a regular basis. When these are difficult to obtain or keep on hand, simulation with Softing TCS is the answer. A simulation file matching the desired model is simply imported into the simulation hardware. The diagnosis can then be studied in the training room, without having to use a car hoist.

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