Join our presentation "Comparison of the Application Layer Protocols SAE J1979-2, SAE J1979-3 and ISO 27145" at the SAE OBD Symposium in Prague

At this year's SAE OBD Symposium Europe in Prague, you will learn industry-relevant expertise on regulations and standards for emission control in light and heavy-duty vehicles. This includes all renewals and changes in global emission regulations, legislative measures and standards, and what new technologies are affecting the European and global market.

This is an opportunity to meet with forward-thinking OBD system engineers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, executives, OEMs, regulators, suppliers, government agencies and others to gain necessary industry expertise.

The live on-site presentation by Peter Subke, Head of Business Development at Softing Automotive, will compare current and future OBD protocols (SAE/ISO). 

"Comparison of the Application Layer Protocols SAE J1979-2 (OBD on UDS), SAE J1979-3 (ZEV on UDS) and ISO 27145 (WWH-OBD)"

March 15th, 09:30 am (CET) by Peter Subke

Currently, there are four application layer protocols for the diagnosticcommunication between an OBD scan tool and the internal OBD system of a vehicle. This presentation starts with a short overview of the legacy SAE J1979 / ISO 15031 that have been in use for the communication of an OBD scan tool and the OSD-Il system of combustion engine vehicles for decades. This set of harmonized protocols will be replaced by SAE J1979-2 for combustion engines and SAE J1979-3 for zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Both, as well as the WWH-OBD are based on UDS on DoCAN and UDS on DolP. This presentation introduces to UDS and shows how the unified diagnostic services are used for OBD on UDS, ZEV on UDS, and worldwide harmonized OBD.

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