High-Voltage Capacity Decades – Substitute for the DC Link Capacity in the Vehicle

High-Voltage Capacity Decades

During the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, high-voltage capacity decades (HV-C decades) are used to replace the DC link capacity in the vehicle. Thus, they simulate one of the most important energy storage devices of the power electronic vehicle system.

With the HV-C decades realized by Softing to date, capacity values can be set in steps of 100uF up to a total capacity of 21mF. In this context, Softing offers both automated solutions and manually operated devices for laboratory operation.

Typical areas of application are:

  • HiL and function testers (->automated HV-C decades)
  • Labs, test benches and engineering workshops (-> manually operated HV-C decades)

at OEMs, system and module suppliers (Tier1) as well as in test companies.

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