• Softing TDX cloud-based aftersales diagnostics solution

    Softing TDX – Next Generation Cloud-based Aftersales Diagnostics Solution

    Extended functions with seamless IT backend integration

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Service Network

As a next generation, cloud-based diagnostic solution, the new version of the Softing TDX tool chain is the perfect support for exploiting the full potential of your service network. The key to this is the extended functions with seamless IT back-end integration. 

The targeted maintenance and repair of increasingly complex vehicles plays an immense role. Softing TDX is the ideal tool support for implementing a consistent service concept with an intuitive workshop tester. The aims are to save costs and time, improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency in aftersales.

As a single point of administration, the optimized Softing TDX.server for your workshop tester serves as a central system for all relevant data for further processing and administration. By using current protocols such as J1979-2 (OBDonUDS) and J1979-3 (ZEVonOBD), you are optimally equipped with Softing TDX for future diagnostic applications for combustion and electric drives.

Softing TDX – Data Platform for Your Service Network

Softing TDX supports vehicle and component manufacturers in the creation, management and commissioning of their own workshop tester. It offers optimum tool support along the DESIGN ► MANAGE ► WORK diagnostic workflow.

DESIGN ► With Softing, a workshop tester can be created independently. It enables the realization of new operating concepts and the individual design of interfaces according to corporate design specifications. Languages, processes, diagnostic data and information such as repair instructions, exploded views, videos and web content are managed in the development environment. 

MANAGE ► Softing TDX.server is the central data platform of program and project functions. It enables user-specific activation and administration with automated distribution and maintenance of role keys and certificates. Software updates and diagnostic content can be updated via this tool. 

WORK ► Softing TDX.workshop is the actual workshop tester that enables technicians in the workshop and mobile service teams to carry out efficient maintenance and repairs. It supports all the necessary diagnostic functions for fault localization, troubleshooting and commissioning of components and vehicles.

Softing TDX.server – Single Point of Administration

Although effective data management is essential for every company, many companies have redundant data sources – so-called data silos. Data cannot be linked together. The right information is difficult or impossible to access. The result: limited transparency of customer usage patterns and service requirements, inefficient service processes that lead to high costs and long waiting times, and a lack of insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty. These challenges are solved with the Softing TDX.server data platform.

Softing TDX.server is the central system of the TDX tool chain. It is based on state-of-the-art cloud technology and enables vehicle and component manufacturers to react intelligently and dynamically to the specific requirements of individual vehicles and control units via the service tester.The centralized system collects, stores, processes and analyzes data from various sources and presents it clearly. It has a database in which all relevant data, such as user login information, documents, software statuses and versions, vehicle reports, customer feedback and licenses, are stored centrally as a "single point of truth". Various web applications such as project, workshop or license management support users and administrators in the implementation and maintenance of aftersales applications and processes.

Softing TDX.server provides a comprehensive overview of your service and workshop testers. It provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for managing large amounts of data, enabling organizations to gain new insights and make informed decisions based on this data. A service tester based on a well-designed data platform improves operational efficiency, reduces costs and drives innovation.

Softing – Template-based Content Engineering Tool

The tester content is developed and customized using the content engineering tool Softing Here, the business logic can be defined, new diagnostic content such as diagnostic data and repair instructions can be created, templates can be 100% customized according to corporate design specifications, languages, roles and rights can be managed and existing content can be maintained. Softing makes it easy to create, develop and maintain a customized diagnostic tester. With the integrated OTX development environment and debugging functions, you have full control over all your diagnostic functions.

From highly specialized technicians to unskilled workers, Softing TDX ensures that everyone on your service team has the right tools and support. By using standards such as ISO 22900 MVCI server, OTX runtime and ODX data, you can draw on proven tester components and functions to optimize your diagnostic processes. Once processes have been created, they can be easily reused throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. 

Softing TDX.server acts as a central connection node to all workshop testers (Softing TDX.workshop), the content engineering suite (Softing and the customer's databases and management systems. You have the option of operating Softing TDX.server in your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud – depending on your requirements and preferences.

The Solution for Digital Transformation in Aftersales

With Softing TDX, you can reap all the benefits of digital transformation in aftersales by storing and linking data centrally. By digitizing and connecting your processes, you can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the satisfaction of your service staff in the field and your end customers.

Our aim is to offer you a complete package from creation and testing through to rollout and subsequent maintenance of the tester. In particular, the seamless integration of the cloud-based workshop tester into your existing IT infrastructure ensures an optimal solution for your aftersales and service area. Discover Softing TDX in the new version 3 and exploit the full potential of your service network!

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