Next Generation Vehicle Testing and Flashing

Tackle the new challenges of autonomous driving and software-defined vehicles with the next generation of testing and gigabyte flash programming.

The software-defined vehicle presents the automotive industry with a number of new challenges. These include shorter development cycles, the growing complexity of software due to new vehicle architectures and the need for redundant systems and fail-safe mechanisms to cope with critical failures. Software is being integrated at a high frequency and with increased complexity, which makes repairs more complicated. The increase in data volumes requires efficient handling methods. Regular software updates are necessary to fix bugs and continuously improve system performance. The automotive industry must adapt its strategies to meet these new requirements and ensure vehicle safety.

The development towards software-defined vehicles and new E/E architectures places high demands on diagnostics, vehicle access and data management. Complex software integrations and the need for fast and secure software updates require correspondingly advanced connection technology. Data transfer rates of 10 Gbit/s to the vehicle and to the infrastructure are already possible for the large volumes of data that are transferred. The scalability of the solution is crucial here. Added to this is the efficient management of system access and authorizations as well as simple integration with a wide range of backend systems on various platforms. 

Software-defined vehicles bring new challenges

  • Shorter development cycles
  • Growing software complexity due to new vehicle architectures
  • Need to create redundant systems and fail-safe mechanisms in software to handle critical failures
  • Enormous increase in data volumes and handling of large amounts of data
  • Ensuring regular software updates to fix bugs and security weaknesses plus continuous improvement of system performance
  • High frequency and increased complexity of software integrations
  • Considerably more complex operations to repair software-defined vehicles

Gigabyte Flashing by Softing – Solution

Benefits at a glance

  • Cost savings
  • Increased speed
  • Controlled gigabit flashing
  • Great freedom in designing your process and systemlandscape
  • Scalability
  • Focus on customers
  • Benefit from reusability and platform independence
Cost savings By transferring functions and applications to just one device, the solution can be used as a “mobile test benchˮ and resulting in massive infrastructure savings, e.g. by reducing the number of test bench computers and peripherals.
Increased speed Increased efficiency throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle thanks to reliable, high-performance data transmission (up to 10 Gbit/s) as well as shorter software development cycles and fast reflashing.
Controlled gigabit flashing Reaching extremely high data transmission rates and speed in vehicle production of up to 10 Gbit/s.
Flexibility in progress and system landscape Since the solution is based on the open-source OS, you can easily integrate existing applications and IT backends. In addition, it offers high flexibility to optimize your business processes throughout the whole lifecycle.
Reusability & Platform independence The virtualization based on containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, LXC) of the solution allows you great freedom in your process and system landscape.
Scalability The realization of completely new, highly flexible and decentralized process flows enable the utilization of economies of scale.
Focus on customers Realizing new business models, such as bringing the workshop to the customer or offering additional services (pay per use) and addressing internal stakeholders by improving the usability of the test and diagnostic solution.

About Softing Automotive

We support our customers with solutions which facilitate the testing, diagnostics and monitoring of mechatronic systems, vehicles and entire fleets. We see our task as starting with communication with the vehicle, through data pre-processing and visualization, to storage – locally or in the cloud. We create the connection to the electronic systems of our customers worldwide! 

Leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and their suppliers all rely on tried and tested tools and scalable solutions from Softing Automotive. But fleet operators and service suppliers also opt for Softing’s secure solutions and flexible services. The internationally binding standards implemented by Softing for programming interfaces, data descriptions, protocols and bus systems guarantee our customers the long-term safeguarding of their projects thanks to the reusability of data with consistently high quality. As an active member of numerous committees and associations (incl. ASAM, ISO, SAE), we take a leading role in defining industry standards.

Why Softing?

Highly efficient vehicle diagnostics – state-of-the-art performance with optimized data formats

>40 years of experience in vehicle diagnostics 

>100,000 installations in the market of test and diagnostic systems

Detailed, in-depth data acquisition and analysis