Softing Diagnostic Tool Set 9: New Generation of the All-in-One Engineering Tester Now Available

Haar near Munich, July 7, 2020 – Following the successful launch at pilot customers, the new generation of the high-performance and use-case-optimized Diagnostic Tool Set (Softing DTS 9) is now available. New functionalities enable even faster and more cost-efficient diagnostic development – exactly what is needed for the growing complexity of E/E architectures and shorter product development cycles Softing DTS.monaco makes it possible for developers, engineers and technicians to create consistent diagnostic functions and sequences on the basis of international standards and to ensure that diagnostic communication works reliably over the entire value chain.

The highlights of the new product generation include, in particular, remote diagnostic support in the engineering network (remote diagnostics) and the display and recording of Ethernet communication (DoIP, Diagnostics over Internet Protocol). New functions in the area of OTX support, based on the latest standard, enable a perceptible increase in the speed of work thanks to automation and the ability to precisely solve individual problems with self-generated user interfaces. In addition, the integration of function-oriented diagnostics with the Smart Diagnostic Engine (Softing SDE) has already made the leap to the next generation of diagnostic systems.

Proprietary user interfaces are created in OTX whenever the intuitively usable and flexibly configurable interface elements (SmartDiagnostic controls), available for all frequently used diagnostic functions, need to be extended. This means that entire release sequences, continuous operation controls and certifications can be safely incorporated into the Monaco workspaces to prevent operating errors.

DoIP continues to gain importance not only because of the high bandwidth required – especially in flash programming. DTS is perfectly prepared for this in all applications. The product now also enables the remote access of test specimens. This can save a lot of time and money, especially in globally operating teams, as travel can be avoided and expensive test resources shared.

Alongside system-specific licensing, the additional floating license mechanism ensures flexibility and saves customers both time and money. Furthermore, the new DTS 9 platform offers international users multilingual capability with the provision of a German, English and Japanese translation of the user interfaces. This not only reduces the amount of training required but also leads to increased acceptance of the whole system, particularly in globally operating teams.

Incidentally, today's customers don’t need to worry about migrating to the new generation: Both existing DTS projects and OTX processes can be migrated and reused with the new software.

The Softing Diagnostic Tool Set 9 offers an all-in-one diagnostic solution for all use cases from ECU engineering and development to vehicle integration and SOP – future-oriented, efficient and safe.

Press Contact

Marion Menacher
Marketing Manager