Visualizing measurement and actuator interaction with Softing DTS.monaco

The visually meaningful representation of measurement parameters and their thresholds is necessary particularly at the test bench  and in vehicle validation. Softing DTS.monaco helps visualize various states regardless of whether a NOx sensor has to fulfill its values within a certain time or if it has to be indicated that pressure or temperature has reached a threshold value.

Corresponding services and parameters can be configured for this in a data server and reused. Naturally interaction with actuators is also possible. To ensure this is all documented, Softing DTS.monaco contains a recorder which records and can reproduce data reliably.

About Softing DTS.monaco

Softing DTS.monaco is used in numerous engineering departments all over the world to take care of diagnostic tasks. The range of ODX and expert application cases extends through ECU release to the commissioning of HiL systems and test benches. The tool is also regularly used for updating and validating vehicles during on-road tests.

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