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NEW: DTS 8 Release 14 – facilitates ECU access over DoIP and CAN FD

Release 14 of Diagnostic Tool Set 8 (DTS 8) from Softing Automotive is now available. Users benefit from extended functionality in ECU flashing over the standards DoIP and CAN FD. The user interface has also been improved. The number of vehicle interfaces supported in DTS 8 has once again been extended.

Today, the Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) standard is an extremely important communication protocol for vehicles, particularly when it comes to flashing ECUs. Detailed information is now displayed in DTS 8 for all available ECUs that can be reached over DoIP. What’s more, there is also a table of all ECUs detected in the vehicle. All defined baud rates (also for ECUs from third-party providers) are now supported for flashing over the CAN FD standard.

In DTS 8 Release 14, the various diagnostic sequences and jobs, including flash jobs, can be processed more easily: Depending on user requirements, the display of additional information can be either enabled or disabled. If errors occur during job processing, the error message displayed gives an even more precise guide to the cause of the error.

The new version also caters to an extended range of vehicle communication interfaces (VCIs). Now virtually all VCIs implemented by Softing customers can be used with DTS 8.

Registered DTS 8 users with a maintenance and service package can upgrade to Release 14 free of charge.

Diagnostic Tool Set supports the creation, execution and testing of diagnostic data and sequences on the basis of the latest international automotive standards. It helps to ensure reliable diagnostic communication and vehicle diagnostics in engineering, manufacturing and after-sales service.

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