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Diagnostic Tool Set 8: Release 12 now facilitates the flashing of data of more than 4 Gigabytes – also over DoIP!

The latest release 12 also comprises several improvements in relation to performance and user-friendliness. Further development focused in particular on the flashing of large quantities of data. The logging of the OTX Runtime and the handling of the vehicle quick test in the engineering tester DTS Monaco have also been simplified.

The Diagnostic Tool Set 8 with high-performance ISO MVCI Server as runtime system now also processes flash data of more than 4 Gigabytes. The further development of the Diagnostic Tool Set thus caters to the increased demands being made in terms of the flashing of large quantities of data.

An on-the-fly change of the OTX logging level is possible in the context of user handling. Thanks to the synchronization between the engineering tester DTS 8 Monaco and the creation tool for OTX sequences OTXstudio, independent determination of the log level is easy. A distinction is made between errors, info and debug.

You can now specify whether the start of the flash session should be triggered with a double click. This can prevent the flash procedure from being stared accidentally. Handling for the quick vehicle test has also been improved. The extended selection menu makes it very easy to configure the characteristics of the quick test.

Registered users with a maintenance and service package will receive the upgrade to release 12 free of charge.

With Softing’s Diagnostic Tool Set, diagnostic data and sequences can be created, run and tested on the basis of the latest international automotive standards. It helps to ensure that both diagnostic communication and the actual vehicle diagnostics always work reliably in Engineering, Manufacturing and After-Sales Service.

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