Design Options in Softing DTS.monaco – Interactively and Individually Designable User Interfaces

Quick and easy – Interactively configurable workspace thanks to a selection of prefabricated Monaco Controls

The concept of the Monaco user interfaces in the Diagnostic Tool Set (DTS) has proved itself in customer use for years now: The user adapts user interface elements optimized for a particular task to his ECU and can basically get started right away. To work in a logical and efficient way the user will find so-called “Layouts” in the workspace for sorting the diagnosis topics. The specially developed and optimized diagnostic control elements can be placed within these freely configurable interfaces. For common use cases, such as error memory operations, ECU and vehicle programming or variant coding, the appropriate control elements are already included in the scope of delivery and can be used intuitively by the user without detailed previous knowledge. Experts are responsible for defining the communication functionality belonging to the individual diagnostic services. The “sd controls” in Softing DTS 9 go even one step further and enable completely new functions – particularly in measurement data acquisition and actuator diagnostics.

New in DTS 9 – Individually design of interfaces thanks to OTX-based Monaco Controls

With the new generation of the Diagnostic Tool Set – Softing DTS 9 – the integration of OTX sequences in the Monaco workspaces now makes it possible for entire release sequences, continuous operation controls as well as certifications to be safely integrated into the working environment to prevent operating errors. OTX allows you to freely define both the user interfaces and the stored diagnostic sequence, whether as an interactive test or (partially) automated. The test documentation can also be generated directly in a customized form in the procedure.

We thus offer customers who, due to insufficient resources can’t invest large amounts of time and money in diagnostic development, a continuous chain of user interfaces. In combination with our workshop tester Softing TDX, it is possible to realize interdisciplinary, efficient working in the areas engineering tests, manufacturing and after-sales. ECU function developers can thus better understand the challenges of after-sales and manufacturing, and continuously improve vehicle diagnostics. For this purpose, they directly use the interfaces and sequences required there. This further development represents great support in the area of new vehicle IT security and complex authentication mechanisms on the ECU.

Clear, user-friendly and error-proof user interfaces are one thing. But with OTX, another advantage comes to the fore: As a standardized script language for diagnostic and test sequences, OTX makes it possible to integrate external interfaces. This means external libraries can be integrated, for example, which, among other things, are necessary for the security authentication on ECUs and vehicles. Interactions with shares and networks are also possible to automatically store the results in a file system or the cloud. Softing itself already has extensive experience in creating these scripts and user interfaces. We would therefore be glad to accompany you during your initial steps or, alternatively, can develop such sequences at your request.

Advantages of the integration of OTX sequences in a Monaco workspace at a glance

  • Clear, user-friendly and error-proof user interfaces
  • OTX allows the free definition of both the user interface and the stored diagnostic sequence
  • Less resources needed for diagnostic development thanks to a continuous chain of user interfaces
  • Easy combination with the service tester Softing TDX for an interdisciplinary, efficient working in the areas engineering test, manufacturing and after-sales
  • Thanks to the standardized script language it´s possible to integrate external interfaces

We will be presenting the new functionality in our engineering tester Softing DTS.monaco from July 2020.

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