The Perfect Match – Individual workshop tester meets flexible CAN/CAN FD Interface

We are once again combining our expertise with with our long-term partner and leading supplier of Controller Area Network (CAN) vehicle communication interfaces, Kvaser AB. The result: A robust plug & play solution for diagnostic tasks in after-sales which can withstand even the toughest requirements in the repair shop environment. The "perfect match", the combination of intuitive diagnostic software from Softing and the powerful U100 vehicle interface from Kvaser, is the ideal solution for fault localization, repair and commissioning of individual components and entire vehicle systems, including electric vehicles and mobile machinery.

The individual after-sales tester Softing TDX.workshop, developed by OEMs and suppliers, supports service technicians in the efficient repair and maintenance of vehicles and their components. The interface Kvaser U100 fits in perfectly with this, flexibly and intuitively enabling high-performance vehicle communication using CAN and CAN-FD.

About Softing TDX.workshop

The repair shop tester Softing TDX.workshop is the ideal tool for service technicians all over the world for use in repair shops and in the field as well as during commissioning and vehicle testing. It offers a range of diagnostic functions for this purpose, such as: 

  • Creating vehicle reports
  • Reading out and clearing the error memory
  • Parameterizing, programming and exchanging ECUs
  • Displaying measurement values
  • Testing actuators
  • Running test sequences 
  • Guided troubleshooting

Thanks to short workflows and intuitive operating concepts, users save a lot of time not only during familiarization, but also during vehicle diagnostics and maintenance, as they can achieve diagnostic success with just a few clicks. Additional information, such as repair instructions, exploded drawings, videos and web content, support the user in maintenance and repair of the vehicle or component. 

About Kvaser U100

The Kvaser U100 is a robust, galvanically-reinforced single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interface. Signal and power isolated, the Kvaser U100 offers enhanced electrical protection, a vibration, shock and drop-proof housing and high-quality cabling that establishes a new reference in CAN interface design. 

With an intelligent LED that indicates bus loads and fault frames, an industry-leading IP67 rating and an innovative connector system, the U100 has many outstanding features. 

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