The First Diagnostic Simulation Boxes are on Their Way to the Customer!

Another great milestone for the TCS team

Just in time for the Christmas season, the first diagnostic simulations are on their way to the customer.

The modern diagnostic simulation Softing TCS is the solution whenever the corresponding counterpart for testing is not yet or no longer available. This is typically the case when validating functionalities in early phases of component and vehicle engineering, conducting tester regression tests or when using in a teaching facility in which many different test objects in a wide range of variants are required for training purposes. The Softing solution consists of simulation hardware, a configuration application and an API for integrating the hardware in test automations.

Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management at Softing Automotive, couldn't be prouder: "Our thanks go to the entire team, which has developed a solution in a really short time that will greatly simplify the work of our customers. In the next few months, we'll be adding a few more exciting features!"

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