Test Systems for Simulating Any Conceivable Test Scenario

From contacting and signal conditioning to mechatronic, environment, fault and driver simulation

Modern vehicles contain extensive hardware and software functionality that has to be checked, verified and safeguarded from all sides. This task is particularly challenging because it takes a longtime during vehicle engineering before these components are installed in a real vehicle and can thus be tested in a real environment. With individual function and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test systems, any conceivable test scenario can be covered and easily simulated in the laboratory without risking real vehicles or endangering the lives of test drivers.

You can read more about this topic in our technical article "Test Systems for Simulating Any Conceivable Test Scenario!" by Armin Baumann (Managing Director, Softing Automotive), published in the magazine VEK OEM&Lieferant 1/2022.

Main topics in the technical article:

  • Particular focus on contacting, fault simulation and signal conditioning
  • Comprehensive use case scenarios
  • Advantages of Softing´s test system setup

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