Remote Expert Support with Softing TDX

The Support that Helps Technicians Solve Complex Vehicle Problems

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly dynamic as a result of data- and software-driven developments. With new vehicle architectures, the maintenance and repair processes of vehicle generations are also becoming increasingly complex. They are increasingly presenting workshops and mobile service teams with enormous challenges. The knowledge of mechanics and technicians on site about current maintenance and repair measures is often not up to date due to a lack of or inadequate tools, processes and training. The acute and increasing shortage of skilled workers further exacerbates this situation!

Remote Expert Support is one way to close the large gap between demand and locally available expertise. Collaboration in aftersales to solve technical problems is massively facilitated: service technicians at the vehicle can connect virtually with subject matter experts and receive guidance remotely. The support provided, particularly for complicated issues, means that possible causes of faults can be found and rectified more quickly. Remote Expert Support thus helps to make corporate processes more efficient, establish service-oriented business models in aftersales, avoid costly travel and thus save considerable time and money. Remote Expert Support is already integrated in the Softing TDX diagnostic tester. Furthermore, Softing TDX supports service technicians with innovative maintenance and repair processes and workflows as well as additional information such as repair instructions. Due to rapidly changing conditions, it is essential to always keep the aftersales solution up to date. This is always ensured in Softing TDX through the cloud-based approach.

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