Remote Access over the Entire Vehicle Life Cycle with Ed & Ted

The progressive networking of vehicles with their environment opens up a whole range of new possibilities. Remote engineering, in other words remote access to devices under test, enables the efficient use of global resources in diagnostic engineering and in test sequences. For example, engineering projects can be worked on in parallel, independent of location and time, and thus more efficiently by teams spread across the world.

Both diagnostic content and software versions can be updated at any time in vehicle engineering and manufacturing, as well as in after-sales. Software errors can be detected at an early stage and easily remedied with the rollout of new software versions. Expensive recalls, which can have a detrimental effect on a company’s image, are thus avoided. The fact that it is easy to upgrade and unlock software functions facilitates lucrative “functions-on-demand” strategies.

Remote access over the entire vehicle life cycle thus enables considerable time and cost savings as well as profitable business models thanks to the expansion of the vehicle into the cloud.

Ed & Ted give you all important information about remote access on our focus page "Remote Access". 

Smart Diagnostics and Testing with Ed & Ted

In a world where vehicle electronics is constantly evolving, especially via software, engineers and technicians are constantly faced with new challenges. Ed & Ted, two experts in the fields of diagnostics and testing, take on the demanding tasks over the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Join them on their journey through the world of automotive electronics and discover new ways to increase efficiency and quality in development, production and service. 

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