Mastering Test Complexitiy with Individual Test Systems by Softing

Function and HiL tester in a modular system – for (almost) all ECU types, data acquisition systems and test automation platforms

It is a long journey from the start of engineering to the installation of all vehicle components and ECUs in the production vehicle. Comprehensive testing of the electronic components during the entire engineering process is essential. This is the only way to thoroughly safeguard and optimize hardware and software functions. Errors can be detected and remedied quickly – the earlier the better.

This is why here at Softing we always design and implement our test systems individually to suit your specific ECU. In doing so, we combine the established hardware and software components you specify with our own solutions – building on our sound know-how and using our extensive test kit.

In order to be able to cover as many conceivable test scenarios as possible, we rely on individually tailored solutions for contacting, error simulation, signal conditioning, as well as driver, environment, and mechatronic simulation. All tests are easy to perform in the lab – on virtual test tracks in the desert or at the Arctic Circle; they can be reproduced at any time, without real vehicles and without risking the life and limb of test drivers.

This are the advantages of Softings Test Systems

  • Modular, scalable and extendible complete solutions
  • Top quality thanks to comprehensive know-how and many years of experience
  • Fast, flexible realization and support on site by qualified employees

Our Test Systems at a Glance


Brief description


For the highly reliable connection of your Unit-Under-Test (UUT) with the test system, in best quality and durable design!

Fault Simulations

Our fault simulations are easy and flexible to integrate in all kinds of testers via CAN. The range of tests can also be extended by connecting cascadable leakage resistors. 

Signal Conditioning

Our test kit contains the appropriate signal conditioning modules for all common ECU signals – easy to scale and highly reliable.

Driver Simulations

We design and develop the corresponding driver simulations, suitable for a wide range of requirements and applications. Our “test drivers” are “on duty” 24/7 and reliably and persistently deliver reproducible results.

Mechatronic Simulations

If mechanical interfaces of mechatronic components have to be connected to test systems, we design and develop custom-fit solutions.

Environment Simulations

The requirements in terms of the structure, function and interfaces of an environment simulation are extremely diverse. We are happy to accept the resulting challenges and – with creativity and our many years of experience – develop suitable solutions for your individual test scenarios.

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