Individual test equipment for maximum reliability in engineering and tests

Simple connecting cables, Breakout Boxes (BOB) and complex ECU adaptions: Individual solutions for maximum reliability in engineering and tests

A large number of different cables, adapters and peripheral simulations are used in the engineering of vehicle electronics, the testing of electronic and electrical components and in component integration into the complete vehicle.  
The use of standard products is rarely possible here. Test equipment specially adapted to the control unit, vehicle series or test environment is nearly always required. 
Nevertheless, the modular system established and introduced at Softing makes it possible for cables, adapters and other test equipment to be realized extremely flexibly and at the same time cost-effectively – always tailored to the specific requirements and the concrete application. 

Our many years of experience in engineering and setting up test equipment pays off. Our solutions are compelling thanks to their durability, quality and maximum reliability.

This are the advantages of Softings test equipment:

  • Top quality thanks to comprehensive know-how and many years of experience
  • Top-quality execution by qualified employees
  • Fast, flexible realization and on-site support

Our Test Equipment at a Glance


Brief description

Connecting Cables for ECU Connections

These include vehicle connectors, connectors for measuring, load or supply lines, and much more.

Tester Adaptions for Quality Assurance

Our adapters guarantee safe contacting between electronics and tester. On request, the design for very high contact cycles is possible at any time.

Breakout Boxes (BOB) 

The break-out boxes make it possible to disconnect practically all cables connected to the control unit connector individually or to connect them to measuring systems for measuring purposes. 

Distribution Box (D-Box)

With the distribution box, individual IO signals as well as ECU data traffic can be reliably measured, recorded or also connected to suitable remote stations.


Lab cars are similar to the distribution box for accessing IO signals and ECU communication - but extended by integrated load simulations, sensor or actuator equivalent circuits or even communication counterparts.

Tester and Simulation Technology

These include, for example, measurement adapters and break-out boxes, error and residual bus simulation, and much more. 

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