High-Voltage Test Adapters – The Solution for Safe Testing of HV Components

Complex Test Adapters for the Safe Testing of HV Components on the HiL Tester

If high-voltage components or subsystems of electric and hybrid vehicles are to be tested, the highest safety standards must be ensured for the persons testing and the operating personnel. For this purpose, HV components must be constructed so that they are safe to touch and all queries to be measured or influenced must be fed to the test system galvanically isolated from the high voltage.

For this purpose, Softing realizes test adapters for HV control units, in other words for Battery Management Controllers (BMC) as well as for Cell Supervision Electronics (CSE).

Typical areas of application are:

  • HiL and function testers
  • OBD tests
  • Labs, test benches and engineering workshops

at OEMs, system and module suppliers (Tier1) as well as in test companies.

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