DoIP with TLS – Small Change, Major Impact

The ISO standard on diagnostic communication “Diagnostics over Internet Protocol” – or DoIP for short, is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern vehicle architectures. This is not surprising as the advantages of this innovation are obvious. On the Internet, it is normal to transmit large amounts of data – in modern vehicles, data packages of several GBytes are no longer unusual. The trend towards remote diagnostics is also unstoppable, which is why the current edition of the ISO 13400 standard details the necessary data security.

It is taken care of by Transport Layer Security (TLS), the standard for communication encryption. In this process, a secret is determined in a multistep procedure via slow but easy-to-use asymmetric encryption. This secret is then used to exchange information very efficiently via symmetric encryption in the actual communication. The method, which largely corresponds to the transition from http to https used in web browsers, enables very secure remote communication with ECUs and vehicles. The extension is already available in the current protocol stacks of Softing products.

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