CheckRack – Test systems for automotive

CheckRack for measuring and testing of DUTs.

To ensure we always meet the different demands and implementation focuses, we at Softing have categorized various test systems. In addition to using standardized modules and components, we also pay particular attention to the greatest possible function stability:

  • Simple adaptation
  • Industry-PC-based system
  • No programming knowledge necessary
  • Modular function library that is only configured and parameterized
  • Extendible interfaces
  • Test case generation using easy-to-operate Sequence Creator
  • Management of various test applications with the Explorer provided
  • Shared measure, stimulation, diagnostic and communication tools




CheckRack XL

A test system for lots of different electronic modules. CheckRack XL makes it possible to test different specimens using one test system. The point of this development was to concentrate lots of different verification and tests solutions at one site with one system hardware.


A test system that is tailored exactly to suit your module or module family. This alternative is, on the one hand, very specific and focused but, on the other, can be made very attractive in terms of price.

CheckRack CM

The name stands for CheckRack custom made and represents the highest form of customization. This is where you are guaranteed a tailor-made solution to suit your individual task, always with the greatest possible degree of standardization thanks to the use of time tested modules and components.

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