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Customer information on the VCIs of the HS Family

The interface of the HS Family were discontinued by Softing Automotive in December 2022. Most use cases of the HS-interfaces – and many more – can be covered by the successor product VIN|ING 2000. Please contact us at info.automotive[at]softing[dot]com if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your inquiry! 


HSX-Breakout (discontinued)


VIN|ING 2000 (successor product)

For applications with D-PDU API, VINING 2000 can be used with a breakout box


HSX-S (discontinued)


VIN|ING 2000 (successor product)

For applications with D-PDU API, VINING 2000 can be used with an alternative cabling. 

Diagnostic Interfaces - HS Family

High performance VCIs for diagnostic applications and flash programming

The diagnostic interfaces of the HS family are used together with the communication software and a standardized D-PDU API interface in accordance with ISO 22900-2. This enables simple integration into a D-Server in accordance with the standards ASAM MCD-3D/ISO 22900-3, although direct integration into a test application is also possible.

The HS interfaces are perfect for multi-link communication in diagnostic and flash applications on the entire vehicle as protocol processing takes place on the interface with a 32-bit high-performance CPU.


HSX Breakout

High-performance VCI with USB/Ethernet port and integrated lab connectors for the use in engineering.



Sturdy high-performance VCI with USB and LAN interface for use in manufacturing and after-sales service.

Technical Data - HS Family at a glance

  HSX Breakout HSX-S
  HSX Breakout Automotive Diagnostic Interfaces - HSX-S
PC interface    
Ethernet 100 MBit/s
WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n    
USB 2.0 full speed
USB 2.0 high speed    
  Standard USB connector
  Special magnetic connector    
Vehicle interface
Suitable for 12V systems
Suitable for 24V systems
Physical Layer    
K/L Line ISO 9141(-2) 2 2
CAN 2.0B high-speed 2 2
CAN low-speed1 1 1
Ethernet 100 MBit/s    
Vehicle connection    
Lab connectors  
MDR connector
Cable with connector in acc. with ISO 15031-3/ SAE J1962
Connector integrated in housing in acc. with ISO 15031-3 / SAE J1962    
Galvanic isolation from PC Interface
Software / supported operating systems
D-PDU API protocol software in acc. with ISO 22900-2
Windows 7
Windows 8

1 CAN low-speed transceiver alternatively switchable