Automotive Electronics

Diagnostic Interfaces – EDIC Family

VCIs for diagnostic applications and flash programming at medium performance range

The interfaces of the EDIC family are available with a programming interface compliant with the D-PDU API standard ISO 22900-2. This enables simple integration into a D-Server in accordance with the standards ASAM MCD-3D/ISO 22900-3, although direct integration into a test application is also possible. The VCIs are also available with an API compliant with SAE J2534 so that they can be used as PassThru devices.

The EDIC interfaces are characterized by the incredibly secure communication mechanisms regardless of the PC operating system. Users have diagnostic interfaces at their disposal with various wired and wireless interfaces to the PC.



Vehicle Communication Interface | EDICusb

VCI with USB interface for use in engineering and testing.



Vehicle Communication Interface | EDICpci

VCI with PCI interface for use in testing and manufacturing.

Technical Data – EDIC Family at a glance

 Automotive Diagnostic Interface - EDICusbAutomotive Diagnostic Interface - EDICpci
PC interface  
Bluetooth® V1.1 / V2.0 Cl. 2  
USB 2.0 fullspeed 
   Mini USB connector  
   Standard USB connector 
PCI Rev 2.2 
Vehicle interface  
Suitable for 12V systems
Suitable for 24V systems
Physical Layer  
   K/L-Line ISO 9141(-2)11
   CAN 2.0B high-speed22
   CAN low-speed 1113
   LIN 4 1
Vehicle connection  
   D-SUB connector
   Cable with connector in acc. with ISO 15031-3 / SAE J1962 
Galvanic isolation from PC interface
Software / supported operating systems  
D-PDU API protocol software in acc. with ISO 22900-2
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

1 CAN low-speed transceiver switchable by software
2 With product variant EDICblue-LS
3 With optional bus physics
4 LIN alternatively to ISO 9141
5 Sturdy cable with ODU round connector