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OTX Studio

複雑な診断とテストシーケンスのためのオール イン ワンの開発環境です。

OTX Studio は、診断およびテストシーケンスの作成、実装、デバッグのためのツールです (ISO 13209 標準をベース)。特別な GUI エディターを使用して、グラフィカル ユーザーインターフェイスを容易に作成することができ、作成されたシーケンスにリンクすることができます。診断データは ODX V2.0.1 および V2.2.0でサポートされています。


Specifying and Implementing Diagnostic Sequences

The new OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange) standard compliant with ISO 13209 enables users to describe diagnostic sequences from basic function tests up to complete tester applications. OTX Studio provides support in the early specification phase as well as in downstream implementation. The tool makes it easy to create graphic diagrams with a clear representation of the sequence logic. The integrated OTX Differ allows easy comparing and merging of sequences in different development stages.

Suitable for Both First-Time Users and Experienced Developers

OTX Studio provides all the necessary input assistants which guide the user when learning to use the product. IntelliSense allows users to create sequences without having in-depth knowledge of the OTX language elements. Comprehensive project administration with integrated version management for subversions ensures structured overviews even in large projects. The library concept that many users are familiar with from standard programming languages supports users in the modular creation of their diagnostic OTX sequences.

From Flash Sequence to Repair Shop Tester

Typical areas of application are, for example, the creation of flash or test sequences. Particularly test planners for complete repair shop testers benefit from the variety of integrated tools. The GUI editor allows the designing of the entire test interface as well as the simple connection of the GUI elements to the corresponding  OTX script variables. OTX function libraries can be defined to allow reuse of generic OTX procedures. There is no limitation to the number of these libraries. Program developers for guided fault diagnosis on the vehicle use the foreign language editor, the document viewer and browser for repair instructions and technical drawings. The full debugging possibilities are indispensable for all users.

OTX Studio


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