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D-PDU API – Protocol Software for Diagnostic Interfaces

Standardized vehicle access via D-PDU API

Our D-PDU API software enables the easy integration of Softing diagnostic and communication interfaces into diagnostic tools. In all our VIN|NG Interfaces, HS Interfaces and EDIC Interfaces the communication protocol stack is implemented as embedded software.

Areas of Application

  • Applications for diagnostics and flash programming
  • Test, manufacturing and service tester applications
  • Applications for vehicle communication via bus systems such as CAN
  • Direct access to hardware interfaces by the application or via a diagnostic server in accordance with ISO 22900-3
  • Parallel communication with several ECUs, also via a range of bus systems
  • D-PDU API interface support with Diagnostic Tool Set


  • Powerful mechanisms for exchanging data with ECUs
  • Communication protocol handling within the D-PDU API software
  • Simple transferability or extension of applications already created thanks to standardized communication parameters
  • Parallel communication with several ECUs, also via a range of bus systems
  • Scalability
  • High flexibility
  • D-PDU API interface support with Diagnostic Tool Set


D-PDU API for EDIC, VIN|NG and CAN Vehicle Interfaces

The D-PDU API software is available for EDIC, VIN|ING and CAN interfaces from Softing. It can also be used for retrofitting EDIC-, VIN|ING or CAN interfaces already existing at the customer site. If required, third-party vehicle interfaces with a proprietary programming interface can also be equipped with the Softing D-PDU API software.

D-PDU API with DoIP (Diagnostics over IP) interface

The growing volume of driver assistance and infotainment systems in modern vehicles is making greater demands in terms of download time for flash programming. The Softing D-PDU API supports DoIP according to ISO 13400 and is thus perfectly prepared for current performance requirements.

Easy D-PDU API programming access with „EasyPDU“

EasyPDU reduces the complexity of the D-PDU API programming interface and allows a simpler, object-oriented access to the functionalities of the D-PDU API. EasyPDU is designed for use with C++, Python and .NET.

D-PDU API Solution Expertise

Softing provides you with optimum support in your projects based on comprehensive expertise gained through long years of active participation in standardization committees, a range of customer projects and the extensive portfolio of hardware and software products. Softing can implement its existing expertise to great effect particularly with new projects in connection with D-PDU API, D-Server and ODX – especially with problems concerning the migration of old systems.

Order Information

Supported Hardware Interfaces 
Softing EDIC InterfacesEDICusb, EDICpci, EDICwlan
Softing VIN|ING FamilyVIN|ING 2000
Softing CAN InterfacesCANpro USB, CANusb, CAN-PRO2-PCIE, CAN-AC2, CANcard2
KVASER CAN InterfacesLeaf Professional HS, Leaf Light HS, Leaf Light HS v2, Memorator Pro HS/HS, USBcan II HS/LS,PCIcanx HS/HS, PCIEcan HS/HS
Third Party InterfacesOn request
Order Numbers 
PDUAPI-ECD-PDU API software license (ISO 22900-2), for use without DTS or OTX products for CAN and PassThru interfaces (SAE J2534) as well as for DoIP (ISO 13400) without VCI
PDUAPI-LICD-PDU API software license (ISO 22900-2), for use together with DTS or OTX products for CAN and PassThru interfaces (SAE J2534) as well as for DoIP (ISO 13400) without VCI
Supplementary Products and Services
Softing DTS.monacoAll-in-one engineering tester for diagnostic and control functions of vehicle ECUs which comprehensively covers all tasks in the areas of engineering, testing and preparation of manufacturing tests





D-PDU API - Standardized Vehicle Access via D-PDU API


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