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    Vehicle Data in Human Readable Form

    Translation of vehicle communication for all applications – even without specialist diagnostic knowledge

Vehicles are turning into software-defined, motorized high-performance computers with an ever greater number of functions and are producing masses of data in the process. In particular, this data provides information on the technical state of the vehicle. But in its raw state, this data is not usually comprehensible to just anyone. Therefore, it is interpreted by software using standardized data descriptions and converted into human readable information. 

It is precisely for this purpose that Softing offers the Smart Diagnostic Engine (SDE): a  platform-independent runtime system which interprets and runs diagnostic functions, simple diagnostic services and even complex and automated diagnostic runs. It is based on the common standardized diagnostic formats ODX and OTX, adding to them a simple-to-use functional API. The Smart Diagnostic API (SDA) focuses on the function-oriented application of diagnostics without requiring any special diagnostic knowledge. At the same time, the SDE enables remote access of the API interface and thus the future-proof use, among other things, for Software Over-the-Air (SOTA) applications. Platform independence ensures continuous reusability in the product life cycle - in any tools, in the cloud, but also directly in the vehicle. 

This is made possible by the universal reusability of diagnostic data and sequences as well as high-performance diagnostics independent of time and location by a particularly compact, remote-capable runtime format. 

Accelerated implementation of proprietary testers thanks to simplified API and reduced familiarization time

Reuse of already created diagnoses, projects and processes

Remote access and thus future-proof use, e.g. for SOTA use cases

High-performance of diagnostics with special, ultra-compact runtime format 

A single component for diverse requirements of today’s diagnostic tasks


  • Increasing complexity in vehicle architecture and enormous data streams require a new form of diagnostics.
  • The interpretation of raw data from vehicles requires specialist know-how and can be something of a challenge to engineers without in-depth knowledge of vehicle technology.
  • Traditional approaches of integrating vehicle data into existing systems are often complex and time-consuming. This makes the seamless integration of vehicle information into other applications difficult.
  • The variety of data formats and protocols in vehicle communication makes standardized integration difficult. This leads to incompatibilities and problems in the development of applications.


  • A functional API serves as a simplified interface for accessing vehicle data. This facilitates integration, improves access to data and increases flexibility in data usage. 
  • Scalable, platform-independent diagnostic runtime environment for three areas of application: in tools (Proximity), in the cloud (Remote) and in the vehicle (InVehicle)
  • Highly efficient data compression for using the runtime environment on PCs and in embedded systems throughout the entire process: in engineering and testing, in production systems and in repair shop testers
  • Data-driven diagnostic solution for varying vehicle complexity with regard to number of ECUs, integration density and supported protocols


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Softing SDE provides a scalable, platform-independent diagnostic runtime environment. In general, a distinction can be made between three fields of application.


Hardware-in-the-Loop systems verify electronic control unit functions using real hardware and a simulated environment. By integrating a runtime system, diagnoses can be used for stimuli (e.g. sensor simulation) and reviewing results, and new electronic control unit software can be installed directly without a separate tool.

Diagnostics in Manufacturing

On the production line, the runtime system in line section computers enables the local execution of diagnostic tasks, for example fault memory operations and ECU programming, without direct interaction of a member of production staff. These tasks can be controlled locally or remotely and can also encompass further diagnostic procedures such as coding.

Access with Proprietary Applications to the Programming Interface of the ISO MVCI Server

The use of appropriate diagnostic software for the development of individual applications enables users to fully access diagnostic functions within their own applications, based on the API standardized according to ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D.

Execution of Diagnostic Functions in Proprietary Applications

With the help of the functional API in a service-oriented architecture, a diagnostic runtime system enables the complete execution of typical diagnostic functions as closed sequences, simplifies the integration of diagnostics in proprietary applications through “descriptive names”, and guarantees their use in remote applications, regardless of the connection quality.


Relocating diagnostic systems into the vehicle makes both predictions and remote access possible while the runtime system already runs applications, such as error memory access and Over-the-Air programming, in the vehicle.

Standardized Vehicle Access via D-PDU API

The D-PDU API protocol software allows easy integration of diagnostic and communication interfaces into diagnostic tools.

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Leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and their suppliers all rely on tried and tested tools and scalable solutions from Softing Automotive. But fleet operators and service suppliers also opt for Softing’s secure solutions and flexible services. The internationally binding standards implemented by Softing for programming interfaces, data descriptions, protocols and bus systems guarantee our customers the long-term safeguarding of their projects thanks to the reusability of data with consistently high quality. As an active member of numerous committees and associations (incl. ASAM, ISO, SAE), we take a leading role in defining industry standards.

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