The progressive networking of vehicles with their environment opens up a whole range of new possibilities. Remote engineering, in other words remote access to devices under test, enables the efficient use of global resources in diagnostic engineering and in test sequences. For example, engineering projects can be worked on in parallel, independent of location and time, and thus more efficiently by teams spread across the world.

Both diagnostic content and software versions can be updated at any time in vehicle engineering and manufacturing, as well as in after-sales. Software errors can be detected at an early stage and easily remedied with the rollout of new software versions. Expensive recalls, which can have a detrimental effect on a company’s image, are thus avoided. The fact that it is easy to upgrade and unlock software functions facilitates lucrative “functions-on-demand” strategies.

Remote access over the entire vehicle life cycle thus enables considerable time and cost savings as well as profitable business models thanks to the expansion of the vehicle into the cloud.

24/7 access to maintenance and engineering – everywhere

Optimal use of staff due to more efficient procedures as well as always up to date devices und test

Significant process optimization through distribution of work all over the world and fast support

Shorter engineering cycles thanks to early detection and fast remedying of any irregularities


  • Enabling all diagnostic functions via remote access
  • Managing infrastructure latencies and bandwidth constraints
  • Calculating network availability and decoupling solution
  • Guaranteeing the safety of people at the vehicle
  • Providing update strategies for software and data
  • Managing access rights – also at function level
  • Using existing diagnostic information uniformly for all scenarios


  • Functional diagnostic server for integration in Telematic Control Units (TCUs) and high-performance computers (HPCs) for OTA applications and diagnostics in the vehicle
  • Scalable diagnostic solutions for local, cloud and vehicle use
  • Tool for remote diagnostics in engineering and developing: distributed engineering and development of ECUs, systems and vehicles
  • Administration of distributed test benches over parallel Quick Test and flash programming
  • Control of licenses and access rights from the cloud
  • Update and data distribution from the cloud: single point of administration
  • Remote support in engineering and the repair shop – even if the repair shop comes to the vehicle
  • Fleet diagnostics from the cloud for quality assurance
  • Remote adaptation of vehicle configuration (coding/parameterization)


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Remote Applications

Softing offers a wide range of applications that enable remote access for diagnostic development and test processes in a resource-efficient way. 

Remote Access in Engineering

  • Remote error detection, localization and troubleshooting 
  • International engineering network 
  • Test bench monitoring
  • Test driver support 

Remote Access in Aftersales

  • Remote error detection, localization and troubleshooting in the customer vehicle
  • SOTA/FOTA in the repair shop
  • Technical support on the road
  • Connection to backend/logistics databases

Functional Server for Remote and InVehicle Diagnostic Applications

  • Data acquisition and provision
  • SOTA
  • Server for remote clients
  • Data logging and measuring
  • Embedded diagnostic component at the TCU (telematic control units)
  • Encrypted data use

Vehicle Communication Interface for Remote Applications 

  • VCI for remote applications in engineering, manufacturing and aftersales service
  • Standard use cases over WLAN or a USB connection
  • Remote diagnostics and stand-alone operations
  • Integration of the diagnostic server in the device
  • Standard sequences and functions can be reused directly on the VCI

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In a world where vehicle electronics is constantly evolving, especially via software, engineers and technicians are constantly faced with new challenges. Ed & Ted, two experts in the fields of diagnostics and testing, take on the demanding tasks over the entire vehicle lifecycle. 

But while Ed works with tried-and-tested methods and technologies, Ted is already relying on Softing's innovative solutions, which make his work much easier and more efficient. 

Join them on their journey through the world of automotive electronics and discover new ways to increase efficiency and quality in development, production and service.

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About Softing Automotive

We support our customers with solutions which facilitate the testing, diagnostics and monitoring of mechatronic systems, vehicles and entire fleets. We see our task as starting with communication with the vehicle, through data pre-processing and visualization, to storage – locally or in the cloud. We create the connection to the electronic systems of our customers worldwide! 

Leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and their suppliers all rely on tried and tested tools and scalable solutions from Softing Automotive. But fleet operators and service suppliers also opt for Softing’s secure solutions and flexible services. The internationally binding standards implemented by Softing for programming interfaces, data descriptions, protocols and bus systems guarantee our customers the long-term safeguarding of their projects thanks to the reusability of data with consistently high quality. As an active member of numerous committees and associations (incl. ASAM, ISO, SAE), we take a leading role in defining industry standards.

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Highly efficient vehicle diagnostics – state-of-the-art performance with optimized data formats

>45 years of experience in vehicle diagnostics 

>100,000 installations in the market of test and diagnostic systems

Detailed, in-depth data acquisition and analysis

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