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DTS OBD is a PC-based tool for validating and releasing the self-diagnosis of individual ECUs or an entire vehicle in vehicle engineering. It covers the entire scope of onboard diagnostics and combines the functionalities of an OBD scan tool with those of a data and bus monitor in a single tool.

You can detect the type of the connected bus either automatically or select it manually. For the current available OBD modes there are various analysis functions. Measured values are updated either manually or cyclically and can be logged for the purposes of documentation or external analysis (e.g. Excel spreadsheets). Parameters can be modified via symbolic names and sent to the relevant ECU for response analysis. All communication can be analyzed down to the very last detail and if necessary be recorded both at bus level (hexadecimal raw data) and at the application layer (in symbolic representation). When used on a notebook during a test drive, the font can be enlarged in several stages on the screen.

Areas of Application

  • Onboard diagnostics engineering for individual ECUs or entire vehicles
  • Function test and validation
  • ECU integration and system test
  • Test drives


  • Fast results thanks to intuitive operation and preconfigured templates
  • Top quality thanks to early detection and remedy of functional errors

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