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Infotainment Test System

Simulation of the general conditions of a telematic/infotainment system. Custome ­specific solutions from simple breadboard assembly to a complex test bench.

Areas of application

  • General conditions can be changed during runtime (speed, ignition, ...)
  • Function tests of defective ECUs
  • Function of the rear­view camera
  • Testing sound­output stage sound reproduction
  • Testing of individual features of a head unit (radio/TV/GPS/navigation/...)
  • Diagnostics of all ECUs (CAN as well as MOST bus)
  • Reading out the fault memory
  • Changing variant coding(premium output stage installed/not installed,...)
  • Reading out ECU information (part numbers, SW/HW version,...)
  • Services (defining calibration of the camera on the surround view system,...)
  • Test beta releases of SW versions of individual ECUs

Concept of a cabinet variant

  • Wiring of all CAN, MOST and antenna lines
  • Slide ­in modules wired using terminal strips
  • Test jacks and breakout jacks of various signals on the front plate
  • Integrated optical MOST bus line
  • Integrated loudspeakers over patch panel to various outputs
  • Loudspeaker simulation loads
  • VU displays for 4 channels (to be connected individually over the patch panel)
  • Lockable shutters (components protectedfrom unauthorized operation)

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